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Famaly of Cloud !

Hello Guys,
here i wanna show you a list of all the official Members of Cloud and their rank in Cloud, it will chance every week ! ( 30.01.2017 )
  • Clan Owner : Intolerance
  • Leader´s : trustAkamee, trustRupti
  • Co Leader´s : trustHigh, KoaIabear, trustYuled
  • Elite : trustBBC, iBinary
  • Members : C00LGUY___

This is the first list ever made so some of the player´s are inactiv for the moment because we where closed for 2 Months + !!!

  • How everything started with Cloud !

I ( "Intolerance" ) was inactiv in Blackshot for some Months, after a whole Month in Blackshot with just Public gameplay i created the Clan Cloud with a realy good friend (trustRupti).
After some day´s another realy good friend joined us (trustAkamee) , we realized that we need some more players so we asked some realy old friends who was epic the old days´s ago in Blackshot.
We grow and grow till we got a big Family in Cloud.
After the great life in Cloud something realy bad happend, 1 of us got banned permanently so 4 more of us got 60 days banned aswell, we stoped Blackshot for 2 Month´s and the Clan Cloud died over the time but now we are back and we need more Epic Players !

Make a request in the application section if you are interested in joining Cloud !


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